Damon: “I recently wrote another book. “Bourne” will be on sale in a few days, you buy Take a good look…” “Well? Good.” Damon gave a slight glimpse, but still smiled and agreed. The Nanjing sauna smiled and waved at the two people, watching their car drive out of the manor along the straight lane, and turned back to the house. “The boss calls.” In a black OL suit, Tori, who took a large bow-necked gauze white shirt, walked quickly to him, handing the phone, a white face with an excited red glow. A face of worship and obsession. The Nanjing sauna slammed a few eyes and saw the appearance of the assistant assistant, who was unclear. After receiving the call, he heard the voice of Alvitre from the phone. Congratulations, boss, the Forbes Rich List in 2008, you are ranked 20th in the world with a total asset of 21 billion US dollars, and the number one billion under the age of 30. At the same time, you are also selected under 30 years old. Retail and e-commerce elite list, the sports industry elite list under 30 years old, the Hollywood entertainment elite list under 30 years old, 30 years old…” “Oh.” Nanjing sauna looked at the face before, and he picked up PIgu to let him The small assistant who was on the horse, reached out and squeezed her chin, said with a chuckle: “Thank you, how do they count the assets?” Nanjing sauna is more concerned about how its assets are estimated, knowing that in addition to the stocks of listed companies The estimated difficulty of foreign assets is very large. There is absolutely no way to know about deposits. If the main source of wealth is holding stocks of listed companies, then it is good to look at the market value. Others with public information include some family businesses and private companies, which are hard to estimate. In addition, it will probably add real estate and other collectibles under the name. If tax information is available in some countries, you can also check out the company or individual tax bill. In short, Forbes himself acknowledged the limitations of