the conversation with Tian Ming in his mind. His face showed a faint smile. The position of the head of Yongding District is for Tang Yi and Tian Ming. Both of them are determined to win. Tang Yi needs to grab this position to prove his influence in Wuling and let the provincial party know that he has a very good presence in Wuling. Strong control. Tian Ming needs to grab this position to prove his ability. At the same time, he must let the Wuling officialdom see that Tang Yi’s end has come. The Municipal Party Committee’s special investigation team has drawn preliminary conclusions. The next step is to hold a standing committee to discuss it, and then report the results to the provincial party committee. At the same time, the municipal party committee will discuss the candidates for the district governor of Yongding District. However, this year’s party committees at all levels have just changed their terms. From the central to the local level, they will have to wait until next year. If Tang Yi insists on waiting for the change of government at all levels next year, he will consider the candidate of the district governor of Yongding District. If you can’t control the situation firmly, Tang Yi’s best choice is a word drag, but, Tian Ming does not understand this truth, certainly will not easily let Tang Yi wish. The Nanjing sauna is full of expectations for what will happen next. Chapter 1260 Zhaoxue Qiufeng autumn rain and stunned people, Nanjing sauna standing in front of the window of the office, looking at the autumn rain outside the window, thinking of the phone just after He Qiang, the candidate of the Wuling Municipal Law Committee Secretary has finally been confirmed, the former Public Security Department police inspector Director Liu Wei is about to serve as secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. Gan Longquan did not reach an agreement with Qiu Fenghua. This is indeed a very good good news for the Nanjing sauna. It is not only good news at the provincial party level. The level of Guan Mingsong h