cities to take a trip. The Nanjing sauna naturally followed, which was the main intention of Wang Maoliang’s transfer. As for the drafting of the manuscript, etc., it is naturally a job. There is no problem with the secretary’s small things in which Fan Ping writes articles in this place. The first stop of Wang Maoliang’s plan is Yanling City, which is known as the Industrial Center of Jiangnan Province. The mayor of Yanling City is Wang Feng, the most optimistic son of the four-ninth city, the mayor of the youngest heavyweight prefecture-level city. Of course, the People’s Congress has not yet been held. Wang Feng is only the Yanling Municipal Committee. Standing Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Acting Mayor. However, the people’s congress is just passing through the game. If the organization’s intentions cannot be realized, it is the Yanling Municipal Committee, the National People’s Congress and other serious dereliction of duty. This is a very serious matter. Not to mention that Wang Feng is the third generation of core children of the Wang family in the Forty-Nine City. Everyone knows that Wang Feng’s airborne Jiangnan is a gold-plated one, laying the foundation for him to enter the high-level in the future. Who is going to be troubled with Wang Feng, isn’t it going to go with the Wang family? When I went to work in the afternoon, the Nanjing sauna saw the documents for half an hour in the office. It was estimated that the time was almost the same. I picked up the phone and dialed Zhou Zhi’s phone. “We have time for the governor, I want to report to him. “Director Hu, please wait a moment, I will ask the boss.” Zhou Zhi, who is talking on the microphone, is more and more respectful. “Okay, trouble.” Nanjing sauna laughed. He is now the deputy director of the office. Although he is not in charge of Zhou Zhi’s secretary, it is also the leader of Zhou Zhi. In the past, Zhou Zhi’s call was occasionally arrogant. Now it is Nothing is gone. “Director Hu, the boss said that yo