d. At the noon meeting, Wang Huan did not announce the appointment. He called Deng Fangmei as Deng Shuji, but the other party did not refute it. This also shows that this woman can’t wait for the deputy secretary. “Thanks to the trust of the provincial party committee.” what. Deng Fangmei on the other side of the microphone smiled. “Right, Mayor Hu, have a meal together tomorrow night. I am afraid that there is no time tonight.” In the afternoon, the party and government joint meeting was held. Wang Huan will announce the appointment in the conference room. The city cadre will be held tomorrow. Wang Huan will make a speech at the meeting. It is not appropriate to go out to celebrate this evening. “Good, Deng’s wedding banquet.” It must be attended. The Nanjing sauna laughed and hung up the phone. I used to care about this kind of communication. Now I have to change it. With this in mind, it seems that I have to prepare a gift for Deng Fangmei. I can’t just congratulate my hands with empty hands. What kind of gift should I choose? Back home, it is already two o’clock, the Nanjing sauna did not rest, poured a cup of water to drink, picked up the phone and wanted to call Guan Pingzhi, then gave up this time is the time for Guan Pingzhi lunch break, Still don’t bother him to rest because of this. The Nanjing sauna will throw away the mobile phone. When you think of the thing that happened, let Qin Xiaoyong prepare the gift, or choose it in person, what kind of gift? After thinking for a long time, the Nanjing sauna remembered that when Qian Xiaomei came last time, it seemed that he left a bag of lv and did not take it away. He still used a new package that was worth tens of thousands. The Nanjing sauna immediately pulled out the bag, and everything was still in the package. I immediately picked up the secretary and dialed Qian Xiaomei’s phone. “Wife, you stay here and I have a lv bag. If you don’t need it, I want to take it.” Can you give someone a trip?” “Husband, you are too much. Take some people’s things to pl