is is the white European white son, come, I will introduce you. Hear he is White Europe, these people are looking at the white Europe, it is difficult to hide the color. The youth of White Europe made them feel surprised. These days, Xi’an wedding car rental Bai Ou rumors a lot, the most sensational undoubtedly Xi’an wedding car rental is a battle between White Europe and Wu Wuji, both sides win or lose. Wu Wuji is a strong and powerful person who can compete with a great perfection. This white European power is powerful and can be imagined. “I don’t think you are so young.” One of the middle-aged men in black, slightly beheaded. “This is the governor’s Guan Heng brother.” Kong Fan Xi’an wedding car rental introduced the middle-aged man in black to Bai Ou. This tube constantly looked at the white Europe, did not get up, just a slight decapitation, it was said hello, in the eyes, naturally revealed a trace of pride. As one of the hundred philanthropists, it is a perfect place. For a later generation of Bai Ou, he does not see much. Guessing that there are always exaggerations in the legend, or that Wu Wuji is not necessarily as powerful as the legend. White Europe does not care, Xi’an wedding car rental arched hands and fists. “This is the ink book of the Mohist family.” Kong Fan introduced another 30-year-old man. White Europe also holds a fist. Kong Fan introduced several people, all of whom are the big names in the 100 families. Although Bai O was only heard for the first time, they understand that these people are not the same, but they are all perfect. Bai Ou also found a place to sit down, and newcomers came in one after another, and Kong Fan would introduce each other. Chapter 291 In the last half of the steps, there are Yin and Yang masters of the Yin and Yang family, Hui’an of the famous family, and Lu Xian of the miscellaneous family. Soon Xi’an wedding car rental gathered more than a dozen people, so that the accident in Bai Ou is that the people coming from the door are not a hole, but a person named F