le who have more money than you are working harder than you!” Well, this is true, but in the Nanjing sauna, you can’t equate busy with hard work or hard work. Busy must be based on strategic vision and platform, otherwise it can only be “poor”, and it is trapped in a busy circle that is busier and poorer. The Nanjing sauna has a pair of eyes that can see through the future. The strategy is his greatest reliance, and things will become a nightmare. A successful person also needs to have one point, that is, you are knowing yourself. The Nanjing sauna is very busy and has a good time. Some people will say that he is not busy at all, because he has done one thing all day, just look at the briefing. What’s more, he thinks that he spends most of his time on women. . . Well, if you want to say this, there is no way for the Nanjing sauna. You can only say arrogantly: “I don’t have to stay up late, it will become a billionaire, and you will work hard again and night, and you can only get dark circles.” The unsatisfactory Nanjing sauna put the briefings together, opened the drawers, and then shook the mouse with your hand, opened your e-mail, and found the script that Christopher Nolan sent him to download, and began to look at it. For Nolan’s “The Pirates of the Dream Space” adaptation script, the Nanjing sauna is basically a line of ten lines, I have written it myself, it will not be difficult to adapt naturally. Of course, for the Nolan, with personality, the Nanjing sauna describes many illusions. The plot scene, as Nolan’s signature style, he is still used to let the entire creative team try to achieve real-life, and avoid excessive use of CGI technology. Persevering in using a camera to shoot a movie, the computer can be regarded as worthless in his place. This kind of operation is almost unbelievable in Hollywood. This is why the “Pirates of Dreams” seen in previous lives always seems to feel the impact of the picture. I feel a little bit unfinished. Of course, this time the Nanjing sauna will definitely not let Nol