Alright, I haven’t gone out to eat for a long time. Come pick me up at night, drive your own car.” Hanging up the phone, the Nanjing sauna was relieved. After lunch in the afternoon, the Nanjing sauna took a rest in the hotel. At three o’clock in the afternoon, the Nanjing sauna arrived at the Provincial Communications Department. However, this time, Li Qiu and others sent the approval of the Development and Reform Commission to the basic construction of the Communications Department. At the office, then the Nanjing sauna personally went to the office of Zeng Lu. Not surprisingly, this time Zeng Lu was not in the office, but this time the Nanjing sauna did not make much noise, just sent a few grievances. Li Qiu naturally did not pass the audit, and a deputy director of the Capital Construction Department came forward to explain a few words, saying that it would be dealt with as soon as possible, and then ignore him. For such a grandfather department, Li Qiu naturally did not dare to put his director’s shelf with others. This kind of power department, their small leaders at the grassroots level, dare not scream with others. “Hu Mayor, what should I do now?” Out of the office building of the Communications Department, Li Qiu looked at the Nanjing sauna with a sigh of relief. The traffic hall was originally a bit guilty. At this time, people have made it difficult for them to be embarrassed. Naturally, it will not be so easy. They passed the customs. “Okay, this is the case, they will definitely approve it, but it is a matter of time, this matter is handed over to me.” Nanjing sauna nodded. “You go to the hotel to rest for one night, and return to Wuling tomorrow morning.” “Where is the mayor?” Li Qiu looked at the Nanjing sauna with a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to touch this brow. With the Nanjing sauna phone in front, he could push things to the Nanjing sauna. “I’ll call this phone.” Nanjing sauna smiled and nodded. “Well, you all go back.” When they talked in the Nanjing sauna, in the office building behind