, did not drive out, I sent you?” “Brother, what do you say, I When I came out shopping with Huang Jie, what car is it?” Yang Qian’s snoring, like the Nanjing sauna, looks like a cute girl, where is the mother of four children. “Yes, if you don’t want to send me to say Afi, I will take a taxi back.” Huang Sang laughed. “Where is it, I am not going to send you back?” The Nanjing sauna touched the chin. During the speech, even the levy came back, everyone greeted them and drove away. “My dad is old.” When the Nanjing sauna was driving, Huang Chang suddenly said a sigh, the Nanjing sauna heard a glimpse, looked up at the rearview mirror inside the car, and saw the beautiful face of the yellow skirt. There was a trace of sadness and a heartbeat, but what happened to Huang Cheng? “Yellow sister, what do you say? I see the governor of the Yellow River young.” The Nanjing sauna turned the steering wheel. “Last year, our industrial output value in Jiangnan Province has increased a lot. This is the credit of the Governor of Huang, which is old. Can comrades do so well?” “Some people think my dad is old.” Huang Chang sighed and waved her hand. “Forget it, don’t go back to the regular committee and go to my own home.” Under the guidance of Huang Chang, Nanjing sauna Huang Chang was sent to the villa area on the riverside. This way, Huang Chang did not talk about Huang Cheng’s thing, but the Nanjing sauna My heart understands that it is likely that Wang Maoliang is ready to beat Huang Cheng. Huang Cheng started from Yanling and put a Yanling operation in line with Tietong. When Wang Maoliang became the governor, he wanted to move Yanling. Unfortunately, when he came to Jiangnan, he didn’t have enough time to force Huang Chengke. Not generally difficult. Now Wang Maoliang is the top leader of the provincial party committee. Moreover, after staying in Jiangnan for so many years, he has already figured out the situation in the Jiangnan officialdom. Yanling is the bridgehead of the local forces in Jiangnan. Wang Maoliang wan