ugh, instead they They are capable in their respective fields. However, as a part of the music family, they do not have the ability to forge ahead and take the reputation of the music family further. It is even a question to be able to protect the music. Of course, the father of Lejia can still live for a few years, and naturally can protect the power of the musician. However, the emergence of the second generation without outstanding talents has caused some problems in the inheritance of the music family. Of course, if the music family Three generations have outstanding talents, and the second generation clenched their teeth for about ten years. However, the daughter of Lejia’s third generation, Lekai, is not interested in politics. The two sons of Le Yan are less than ten years old. This is the status quo, even if the father is not reconciled, he can only face reality. . Suddenly there was a talent, and there was still no rural country where there was no foundation. The father of the music family naturally realized that the opportunity of ZTE was coming. Especially when the Minister of Agriculture has expressed his appreciation for the country boy, Lok’s father will not miss this opportunity, a chance to win the name of the country boy, but also the official low-key silence of the music family. If the political arena is a big stage, then the role of the music family is not very important, but it is not absolutely impossible to be underestimated. After finally dressing up, it has been twisted and pinched. It is foreseeable that soon, the news that the Nanjing sauna will be married to Qian Xiaomei will come out in the capital. Thinking about this, the Nanjing sauna smoked a cigarette and showed a smile on his face. He should be lucky to marry Qian Xiaomei. Not only do there are deep feelings between the two, but also because they and the musicians have their own needs. Without the music, Nanjing Sauna believes that even if it can be a good start, it will be good to mix at most the office level. There are more t