The generation is very similar.

Can he say that when he was making alchemy, he went wrong and was saving it?


How old is he? This technique has not been practiced for decades.

Young people, alchemy, once an accident occurs, it means failure. There is no such thing as redeem it.

Luo Jinming ponder over and over again and give up this unrealistic idea.

“Call…” It is. “

At last, Luo Jinming was the first to become a Dan.

With a dull sound of the sound of the stove, a fragrant drug came out and landed in the well prepared Dan bottle.

Luo Jinming was quite satisfied with the results of the alchemy, and explained to the people nearby: “intermediate Dan Yao, Qibao Dan. Well, it feels good today. The refining is quite smooth. Once it becomes Dan, the quality is also in the middle.

“Worthy of the presidency, not only the fastest refining, but also refined Qibao Dan in the intermediate Dan medicine is also not low grade.” Many members of the Dan Club fart.

Luo Jinming looked very pale and looked at Wang Yan. He said, “the vice president of the vice president of Qi Wang should be ready.” As for Ye Donglai’s side… It seems that there is no obvious sign. “

In this case, many members of the Dan Club laughed.

Although vice president Wang Yan has refined the Dan medicine a little, and the speed is slow, Dan medicine has been basically shaped, and it will be completed soon.

On the other side of Ye Donglai, the medicinal materials have not been refined yet. Sure enough, only by the burning of fire, it is sure that we can’t burn Ji Dan.”Ha ha, this guy is ridiculous. If this can refine the Dan medicine, everyone will refine it.”

“If he can refine it, I will eat the rest of the dregs in the stove.” Speaking, it’s Dan Zhuo Wei.

Last time Zhuo Wei was abused by the alchemy of Ye Dong. Now he sees that ye Dong is burning like a fool.

But he did not think that when he finished speaking, he came up and said, “Oh? That’s what you said, I heard it. “

Zhuo Xuxian was stunned, and then laughed wildly: “Ye Xuedi is humorous, and at this time he can speak. In my opinion, you don’t try to be brave. “

By this time, many people, including Zhuo Xu, believed that ye Dong Lai was really trying to make a mistake.

After all, alchemy needs concentration, let alone Ji Ji Dan.

Ye Dong can not only pay attention to other people’s speech at all times, but can even reply with laughter. It is clear that this guy is not seriously alchemy, it is really a waste of time.

“Hum, see when he can procrastinate.” Wang Yan sneered, and then he finished the gas Xuan Dan successfully.

Thus, the whole alchemy square was left only in the east of Ye, and a man was still making alchemy.

Many onlookers could not wait. They even shouted that ye Dong came to kneel earlier.

Ling Ya and many new students, is secretly clenched fist, for ye Dong to hurry.

“Coming East, this test is unfair. Even if you don’t honor your promise, it’s not a big deal.” Lingya is on the outside.”Ling ya, do you really want to stay in Dan Hui?” Wang Yan rebuked,