into the field, and this time, the investigation is related to the layout of the county’s agricultural work, you must personally check the soil, terrain and so on.” “Well, you go Inform the driver that the road to the countryside is not good. I will drive my Cherokee today.” Nanjing Sauna heard a glimpse of it, but I didn’t expect this Sun Zhou to know about myself. It seems that it took a lot of thought, but not Know how capable? “Okay, Hu County, I will inform the driver immediately.” Sun Zhou forced her chest and turned quickly and went out. The Nanjing sauna took a cup and took a drink. The place to be inspected today is Xiling Town, and there are several townships such as Chama Township. The reason why this is because these towns are the outer periphery of Lanshan County, all places have With its own characteristics, Xiling Town is adjacent to the county seat of Tafeng Town, with many channels in the territory, not far from Tafeng Town, and convenient transportation. Chama Township is located on the bank of the river. It grows more tea in the territory, but it is a pity that it has not formed a scale. This is the first place that Nanjing Sauna chose to inspect after serving as deputy magistrate. In fact, Nanjing Sauna is prepared to tailor their respective agricultural development plans according to the characteristics of each township. Chama Township can develop into a tea planting base, and Xiling Town focuses on the development of fisheries. Of course, this is only the calculation of the Nanjing sauna. The specific arrangements have to wait for the on-the-spot investigation, understand the mentality and ideas of the farmers and then make decisions based on the specific circumstances. Nanjing sauna drank saliva, estimated that the time is almost up, pick up the phone Huang Haiping, deputy director of the county government office, was informed that as the deputy director of the county office, he was responsible for assisting in the work of agriculture. This kind of inspection naturally accompanied his esc