“The Lord, you don’t think about it?” Isn’t there anything else that can move you? ” Murong asked the little moon.

“Something that moves me is more than pee, but it’s certainly not what you can have.” There was a bit of banter in the tone of the wind.

In Ye Donglai’s heart, there is still demand and desire for the Shangguan wind. Although jade is important, it is not impossible to give up.

As long as he can take out his heart and make him feel more important than Yu Pei, Yu Pei can not give up to others.

In this way, things will have a turn for the better. Otherwise, ye Dong will really try hard.

“Shangguan family owners do not say what they want, and how do they know that others can not cash in?” Ye Donglai was on the right track.

Hearing this, the wind was the old fox’s smile, and said, “the money, the medicine, the magic treasure, and so on are almost all.” What is missing is just the top experts, or any family will not think too much of their own masters.

Murong nodded his head and said, “this is indeed the case. It is better than a family. This is the word of the Lord. In fact, it’s not the same. “

“Haha.” Shangguan Gale said with a laugh. “Ordinary masters do not need to say naturally. What interests me most is the strong people in the cave, the ancestors of the family.”

“The joke of Shangguan family is a bit big.” Murong’s little moon is a bit of a cry.

Do I qualify for the 476th chapter 476.Murong’s little moon thought the wind was a joke.

How many holes are in the whole independent boundary? Among the family, there are often only one.

Use the empty space of the cave to replace a piece of jade that is not necessarily useful? How is that possible?

“I am sure that I can not let a cave master be willing to become a subordinate of the upper officials.” Shangguan wind looked at Ye Dong and said, “Ye Nan Feng, you are now a master of Yuan baby. There must be a strong master behind it. This master, too, must be a strong man of the world. As long as you let the master come to Shangguan as a nominal elder, sometimes the Shangguan family has difficulty. Your master can help a group of Shangguan families.

Ye Donglai suddenly seemed to be able to be the master of the house. Indeed, everyone was an old fox.

Indeed, according to the theory, ye Dong can come to this kind of practice at a young age. And he has not appeared before, so his “master” is also a hermit high man, and has definitely reached the void of the cave.

The top officials wanted to close the hermit’s high man. Although the high hermit would not be able to keep a hedge, he was also a great help to the officials, even with the relationship of “cooperation” and the association of officials.

Just imagine, when the officials suddenly got a real empty hand, as a solid help, wouldn’t it be enough to dominate the nine great families?

A hole master is much more powerful than jade.

Step by step, if one day, when the Luo Xian Xian appears, if the upper official family is more powerful, the chance to preserve the family will be greater.This request is somewhat shameless, but Ye Donglai has no resistance.

After all, he didn’t take root