n from the waiter. He wiped his mouth and waved his hand. After the waiter left, he didn’t get angry and rolled his eyes. I didn’t know if he wanted to shock. “You want to laugh.” Die me, then let Moss be widowed? “No, Moss will soon find a new love. You haven’t got married yet.” “Nanjing sauna raised his eyebrows and smiled and said. “You are too vicious! “Nanjing Night Net was almost drowned, and there was no good breath.” After experiencing too much suppression and frustration, the purpose of xing is very strong. . . Forget it, you won’t listen if you say it, but such a woman is smart enough, and the smarter person gets lost. The more you know what you want. ” “Ha ha. “Nanjing sauna shrugged unscrupulously. It is very clear to him that he naturally considers it. He is not afraid of the other side with his purpose and ambition, because the more this woman is, the more he can boldly taste, because she wants, Nanjing sauna Can be easily taken out. “I take a call. “The mobile phone in the pocket screamed constantly. The Nanjing sauna took a look at the mobile phone and said to the Nanjing Night Net, and walked to the quiet corner.” Boss, at 9:30 tonight, the Fed announced Approved Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to transform into a bank holding company application. ” “I know. “Nanjing Sauna heard Al’s report on the phone, and there was no reaction. After all, this thing was already expected. He knew that Al would not call him at this time because of this kind of news, sure enough.” Boss, is it convenient for you now? When I heard the Nanjing sauna, I couldn’t help but frown. Then Kenny, who was not far away, waved and waved. He himself did the sofa in the corner of the corner and said, “Let’s talk about it.” “According to the information we received, another federal law enforcement official confirmed that the FBI is investigating 26 potential corporate fraud related to the collapse of the US mortgage industry.” All come from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, and AIG, investigating all aspects of the mortg