week. Some things have to be explained to you.” Nanjing sauna said to the microphone. The microphone was silent for a moment. “Well, I will come over immediately.” On the phone, the Nanjing sauna called Wang Hao in. “Xiao Wang, you will inform Director Ye, let him inform the Standing Committee of the family, and hold the Standing Committee meeting in the afternoon. Sort out the recent work, especially those key tasks, I have to know the progress.” “Okay, I will immediately inform Director Ye.” Wang Hao nodded and quickly went out. After the Nanjing sauna finished drinking a cup of tea, Huang Jie arrived. “Comrade Huang Jie, you know about the things that Yu Lei was caught?” Looking at the low-browed Huang Jie, the Nanjing sauna smiled and picked up the water glass. “Of course, I believe that you are innocent, even if you propose The urban village reconstruction plan is exactly the same as the development plan of Zhicheng Real Estate. For this reason, I specially called the Municipal Party Committee Cao Shuji to explain it.” “Secretary, thank you.” Huang Jie looked up and looked at the Nanjing sauna, very serious. “This is something I am wrong. You also know that my ability is limited. The working ideas are very common. I don’t think it is so comprehensive. I think it is very good as long as I can solve the problem of the village in the city.” His voice was a meal. Then went on, “And, at the beginning When Yu Lei found me, he said that this plan was carefully discussed by him and Xia Xianzhen. Therefore, I decided to come up with this plan. After all, the municipal party committee asked me to take charge of the work of the district government. First of all, I must guarantee the district government. Can function normally. Although Huang Jie’s words are not much, but the information revealed is enough, first he pulled Xia Xianzhen into it, affirming that this plan was approved by the previous deputy head of the district, and then he was named the municipal party committee. Designating the work of the district g