CH79kLZeng Hongtao is in action!

Zeng Hongtao is in action!


Zou Haipeng is also in action. Especially when he received a call from the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee and told him that he had failed to coordinate the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, Li Yun, the Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee, would take the investigation team down to investigate, he was anxious like a hot pot. In general, this thing must be stopped as soon as possible. Otherwise, once the investigation team is down, I am afraid that I am really in trouble.

Therefore, he called to his old leader on one phone call: “Old leader, I heard that Secretary Zeng ordered the formation of a joint investigation team. You see if Zeng Shuji is not doing this properly. This is a big problem. There is no good for us in Baiyun. Do you think it is recommended that Secretary Zeng first put this matter under pressure…”

Zou Haipeng’s words have not been finished yet, and he said to the convenience: “Zhao Zou, tell you the truth.” Well, this incident, you have done too much in Cangshan City. As far as I know, Zeng Shuji is very angry about this matter. If it is normal, I may still be able to slap the wrist with Zeng Shuji, but this one In fact, I can’t do this. Otherwise, it is the deliberate contradiction between the team. I will not ask about this matter. I can only help you so much. You can do it yourself.” The other party directly hangs up the phone.

This time, Zou Haipeng was completely stupid.

Zou Haipeng certainly knows that his son is operating behind the smashing of Liu Qingyu and others in Xinyuan Hotel. He didn’t know it at the time. After the incident, Zou Wenchao told him that he had a fan after listening. Zou Wenchao’s big mouths, because Zou Wenchao’s work is really stupid, he has no brains. This is simply self-restraint. Liu Qingyu, who is that, then it is also the director of the Urban Management Bureau, the national cadre of the department level, is it to kill it? Even if you want to retaliate, you have to start from the official side, instead of starting from the most incompetent aspect of killing and killing. And doing so is the most tolerant of being caught by the handle.

However, although he had taught Zou Wenchao a lesson, things have already happened, and it is not possible to recover. Now I can only find a way to remedy it.

But now, the old leader does not help him, he has a complete headache.

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