CH79kLYou know, there are two sons of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee! Ma Hongwei is also the deputy mayor. If you really catch the three people, this can be a big deal.

You know, there are two sons of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee! Ma Hongwei is also the deputy mayor. If you really catch the three people, this can be a big deal.


However, Wang Zhongshan is also a fierce person. Just after he had just flashed this thought in his mind, he swayed his head sharply, and his eyes flashed a bit of determination and firmness. Without the hand holding the phone, he gripped hard. To Zhong Haitao said loudly: “Well, Comrade Zhong Haitao, you can do it with confidence. If there is anything I need to coordinate, even if I call and tell me, I will take all the pressure for you and do all the logistics support work. Regardless of who is involved in this incident, we must resolutely check the end, never tolerate, and absolutely must not allow anyone to have the opportunity to protect officials. As a national cadre, we must uphold the dignity of the law and safeguard the interests of every ordinary person. It is necessary to ensure that everyone is equal before the law. If we can’t even do this, what is the difference between us and those who are greedy? Moreover, the suicides of Ding Bald and Cheng Yiqi are too embarrassing. things must find out, no matter who is involved, must not be tolerated. ”

hear every word of this Wang Zhongshan sonorous words, Zhong Haitao fist in the air, straining After dancing, my heart is full of excitement. He knows that it is really not easy for Wang Shuji, who has always been striving for stability, to make such a decisive decision. At the crucial moment, he dares to bear and dare to withstand all pressure. Wang Ji, is not Cangshan. The head of the city, Zhong Haitao immediately said loudly: “Secretary Wang, please rest assured, our city public security bureau will definitely check this matter out.” After

hanging up the phone, Zhong Haitao immediately went out of the office and called him to follow him. To the Xinyuan Hotel, four or five o’clock in the morning, there were still some colleagues who were still on the job, and they were divided into three groups, and they rushed to Zoujia, Dongjia and Majia to arrest people.

However, Zhong Haitao did not think of it. Dong Hao is not a secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. He has already buried his own people among the most cronies of Zhong Haitao. Usually, this person has never revealed any flaws. At the moment, that The man finally took the shot, and on the way to catch people, the first time he sent the news to Dong Hao.

After Dong Hao got the news, he was shocked. He did not think that Zhong Haitao dared to send someone to come and arrest his son.

For a time, Dong Hao was anxious to walk around in the room. Beside him, Dong Tianba was downcast and his face was still swollen.

“Dad, do you want to escape at night?” Dong Tianba said with some anxiety.

“Escape? Where can you escape? If you really run away, your father, my secretary of the political and legal committee, don’t do it. You honestly give me this! I will deal with this matter.” After that, Dong Hao first gave Ma Hongwei made a phone call and communicated a bit. Then he picked up the phone and dialed Zou Haipeng’s phone.

“Zou Shuji, I am Dong Hao.” Dong Hao’s voice is a bit low.

At the moment, Zou Haipeng has not slept because he can’t sleep. He doesn’t know what the situation will be tonight. Upon receiving a phone call from Dong Hao, he immediately connected and asked: “Old Dong, is there something?”

Dong Hao said directly to the mountain: “Old Zou, Zou Wenchao can’t keep it, and Zhong Haitao has taken people to your home to catch people.” “

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