CH79kLreceiving the mobile phone from Yan Lin, Liu Qingyu first listened to the dialogue between Cheng Yiqi and Zou Wenchao, and then, in the eyes of many people who were puzzled and surprised.

receiving the mobile phone from Yan Lin, Liu Qingyu first listened to the dialogue between Cheng Yiqi and Zou Wenchao, and then, in the eyes of many people who were puzzled and surprised.

Through the data line, Cheng Yiqi’s mobile phone and Lin Yun’s computer they brought over were connected. Then, Liu Qingyu quickly wrote a small program on the scene, which was directly connected to Cheng Yiqi’s smartphone through this program, and then passed the software. The program has read out the map of the movement track of Cheng Yiqi stored in the smartphone.

While viewing Cheng Yiqi’s mobile trajectory map, Liu Qingyu explained to everyone: “The current smartphones are equipped with an open operating system, so almost every smartphone has a satellite positioning system through satellite positioning system. You can know when the owner of the phone is in what position, which is why the United States can monitor the world’s main reason. Because the smartphones we use by Americans include most of the core chips of non-smart phones, The core operating systems are developed by Americans, so people can easily monitor any mobile phone number they want to monitor through positioning system software and chips. Why are some national presidents and prime ministers’ mobile phones so easily American monitoring, it is because of this!”

Hearing Liu Qingyu said, everyone understands why Liu Qingyu can easily read the map of the action track of the trip.

By reviewing the satellite positioning map, Liu Qingyu found that Cheng Yiqi had a long time in a famous property called Chongshan Teahouse in Cangshan City. After he came out, he rushed to Xinyuan Hotel. Seeing here, Liu Qingyu said to Huang Deguang: “Deguang, you and the forestry two people together with Yan Lin and Luo Xingwang immediately rushed to the Fortune Teahouse and tried every means to get the teahouse as soon as possible. And the nearby surveillance video, to see if Zou Wenchao and Cheng Yiqi met in this teahouse, whether the recording was recorded in this teahouse.”

Huang Deguang and others immediately set off after listening.

I have to say that these people’s work efficiency is very high. In less than half an hour, Huang Deguang’s phone call came over: “Boss, the video has been found. From the surveillance video of the teahouse, it can be seen that before the incident, Cheng Yiqi did meet with Zou Wenchao, Dong Tianba and Ma Xiaogang in this teahouse. According to the boss here, they stayed there for more than half an hour.”

Liu Qingyu nodded: “Well, you immediately copy the video. Come back with it.”

When Huang Deguang came back again, Liu Qingyu gave a call directly to the Municipal Public Security Bureau Director Zhong Haitao: “Zhong Zhong, I have mastered the evidence to prove that the entire Xinyuan Hotel incident is Zou Wenchao. Planned, I will send it to you right away through the network right now.”

When Zhong Haitao received the call from Liu Qingyu, he was shocked. He did not think that Liu Qingyu had such high efficiency to handle these things. However, his pressure is also very large at this moment, because he knows that the investigation team of the provincial party committee is now heading for Cangshan City. If he does not come up with the results of the investigation as soon as possible, he will wait for the investigation team to come down to produce results. I am afraid the location is really dangerous. So, after hearing the words of Liu Qingyu, he immediately said: “Well, you send it directly to my mailbox. I will see it right away.”

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