CH79kLJust when Zou Haipeng’s head was ruined, Liu Qingyu was not idle.

Just when Zou Haipeng’s head was ruined, Liu Qingyu was not idle.


Because Liu Qingyu viewed all the post materials and all comments on the Internet through his mobile phone, he realized that a very serious problem, even though it can be confirmed directly by the posts issued by Lin Yun et al. The bald man is definitely hacked by Cheng Yiqi, and it can be inferred that Cheng Yiqi is definitely trying to keep his position, so he accepted the instructions of Zou Wenchao and others, but the problem lies in the between Cheng Yiqi and Zou Wenchao or Zou Haipeng. The relationship is only speculation, and there is no actual evidence to prove this. In particular, the matter involved Zou Haipeng, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Not to mention that there is no evidence. Even if there is evidence, if Zou Haipeng is not particularly overworked, it is not easy to move him.

Therefore, Liu Qingyu’s brows wrinkled tightly.

Standing outside Lu Yu’s ward, Liu Qingyu came back to the pacing. Liu Qingyu must not tolerate the murderers behind the scenes.

How to do? What should I do?

At this time, Liu Qingyu’s phone rang.

Liu Qingyu saw it as a strange number, but he was still connected because there were not many people who knew his phone number. The phone was sent by Yan Lin. After the connection, Yan Lin immediately opened the door and said: “Mr. Liu, I and Luo Xingwang found a problem during the video playback of the entire 301-room incident. In the municipal party committee secretary Wang After the deputy mayor of Tang, they came, and when Cheng Yiqi was taken away, there was an instant. He quietly threw his mobile phone into a trash can. We have sent someone to find this mobile phone, on the mobile phone. when inspecting discovered there was recordings of conversations between Chengyi Qi Zou and over the top can be completely determined from this recording, Zou Cheng Yiqi is subject to the super threats and instigation was sent to new Yuantaijiudian to you shot. ”

hearing After Yan Lin’s words, Liu Qingyu immediately noticed and immediately said, “Well, you immediately sent the mobile phone to me to the hospital.”

Subsequently, Liu Qingyu immediately took out the mobile phone and dialed Huang Deguang’s phone: Deguang, you guys come over and bring a laptop, and the mobile phone of Ding Bald is also brought to me.”

Huang Deguang listened and immediately nodded and said that he would come over immediately.

No one thought that Ding Bald was taken away by the police at the time, but before he was taken away, at that time, Ding Bald had just opened the gun, and Liu Qingyu’s Ding Bald gave him to Huang Deguang in the room. At that moment, Huang Deguang, the super-ghost, almost smashed the mobile phone and wallet in the pocket of Ding Bald almost at the moment of face-to-face. Huang Deguang considered the problem deeper and had a very keen sense of consciousness. He believed that the evidence would be crucial in order to defeat this Ding bald in the future, and Ding Bald’s cell phone and bank card, ID card, etc. would be evidence. The main source. Therefore, he did not hesitate to use the technique of squatting he learned from a super thief, and took out the mobile phone and wallet of Ding Bald, and hid it on himself.

Later, the dialogue between Ding Bald and Cheng Yiqi appeared on the Internet. After Lin Yun entered the mobile phone of Ding Bald, the evidence found in the recording file, Ding Bald never imagined that he would have wanted to use the insurance to pay for the process. The recorded materials became an important evidence that Huang Deguang and Lin Yun used to discover the relationship between them.

This is the first time that Huang Deguang, the super ghost, has made meritorious deeds. However, this is definitely not the last time. It should be known that Huang Deguang has a variety of documents in his hand and possesses various abilities. However, this is a postscript, not to mention.

Huang Deguang, Lin Yun, and Yan Lin and others almost arrived at the same time.

When Lin Yun and others put the computer in place and Yan Lin handed the mobile phone to Liu Qingyu, Liu Qingyu shot two cold lights in his eyes: “Zou Wenchao, your last day is coming soon.”

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