CH79kLheard the news, Zou Haipeng face brush look it up pale, pale pale, also cropped up on the forehead fine sweat, take The hand of the phone also trembled.

heard the news, Zou Haipeng face brush look it up pale, pale pale, also cropped up on the forehead fine sweat, take The hand of the phone also trembled.


Although Zou Haipeng reluctantly stabilized his emotions, the voice of his speech still seemed a little trembling: “Old Dong, is there any room for this thing to be recovered? You are a secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, can’t you call? Let Zhong Haitao stop arresting people?”

Dong Hao said bitterly: “Old Zou, tell me the truth, as far as I know, Zhong Haitao has mastered the solid evidence, so he took action, and not only Zou Wenchao was involved in the case. Dong Tianba and Ma Xiaogang were also involved in the case. I have already asked Dong Tianba. According to him, the mastermind of all things is Zou Wenchao. I am going to call you this time. I hope that you can communicate with Zou Wenchao well. Let him take all the things down, although it may be cruel, but I can assure you that as long as Zou Wenchao takes all of this, then even if Zou Wenchao is sentenced to jail, I can let him in 2 I came out of the prison within a month. I also passed this comrade Ma Hongwei, and he fully supported my proposal. you consider it?”

After listening to Dong Hao’s remarks, Zou Haipeng was almost angry with her mother, but when she thought about it, she found that this thing can only be used to minimize the loss of the three people. Moreover, Dong Hao can only be in Zou Wenchao. After being arrested and imprisoned, he did his best to operate the matter of getting Zou Wenchao out. After all, he is the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. It is still okay to remove one or two people from the prison. But the premise is that he must do it with his heart. After all, such an operation is a serious violation of the law. In the crimes committed by Zou Wenchao, it is certain to go to jail. There is no suspense. If all three of them go in, it is better to let Zou Wenchao enter alone. Then Dong Hao will operate to get him out. Now I want to keep myself. Son, this is the only way to break the boat. As for letting Zou Wenchao run away, he never thought about it. Unless he is the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, he does not want to do it.

Although Zou Haipeng soon wanted to understand the key of this, but the old tycoon he still pretended to be silent for three minutes, this quietly asked: “Old Dong, you can confirm that once Zou Wenchao is in prison, you can give him Come out?”

Dong Hao immediately said without hesitation: “Old Zou, I am still unclear about the old Dong? I have said absolutely, and I kept him in prison for 2 months. Or other reasons to get it out.”

Zou Haipeng nodded: “Well, the deal, I will let Zou Wenchao take all the things down.”

As the provincial party investigation team is getting closer and closer to Cangshan City, Zou Haipeng’s psychological pressure is more The bigger he came, the more he finally took the ruin. And since he knew he couldn’t hide, he immediately asked Zou Wenchao to call Zhong Haitao and said he would defend himself.

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